Why You Need Android App Testing

Android represents a 72% market share of worldwide mobile operating systems and 35% of all smartphones use Android. Along with iOS, Android is one of the most popular and universally used mobile operating systems. With 2.5 billion monthly active users, Android powers everything from smartphones to tablets, smartwatches, and IoT devices, and its reach will only continue to grow.

This wide reach highlights just how important it is to have comprehensive physical Android device testing as part of your QA process, spanning multiple hardware manufacturers. The particular usability of your mobile product on a specific device can impact user ratings on Google Play. Many apps sink or swim based on their ratings on the Play store, so having a thorough Android app testing process in place is an absolute necessity to help generate and maintain consistently positive star ratings.

Android Testing Features

Mobot manages a large inventory of Android devices consisting of many different hardware models, including devices from Samsung, Google, LG, Xiaomi, Sony and more. Mobot runs your test suites on many permutations of the most common form factors, across portrait and landscape orientations on phones and tablets. Older and newer generations of Android’s operating system are also supported, as well as both native app testing (including Kotlin, Flutter, React Native) and mobile web app testing. Android .apks can be distributed to Mobot via common platforms such as Google Play Beta, Firebase and App Center.

This means that your Android native or mobile web app can be tested across numerous browsers (mobile Chrome, Firefox, Opera), screen resolutions and device orientations simultaneously. This can represent a significant time and money savings compared to Android app manual testing. Both the overhead for purchasing and maintaining Android devices and the time required to manually test apps across all these devices simply makes it untenable for modern software engineers, who need to move and deploy ever faster to meet business needs.

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Real Device Testing

In-house manual mobile app testing can not only take up a lot of time from team members, but also physical resources. Keeping your own physical device farm on hand and up to date is another expense on top of the additional time it takes to run your test suite on each device. Many teams find there simply is not time to run full test suites on every device within the short timeframes necessary to keep up with the pace of development and release to the App Store and Google Play. This often means cutting corners in one or more ways - either only testing on the most popular models and neglecting the rest, or running limited test suites on each device and risk missing critical edge cases before your code gets pushed to production.

By utilizing Mobot for your end to end mobile testing instead, you get the advantage of having access to a wide range of iOS and Android devices at no additional expense. These devices cover a wide variety of different models and resolutions and can be run on a rotating schedule with Mobot. Combining these devices with a physical robot fleet can significantly speed up UI/UX testing compared to doing so manually. Because Mobot supports multiple testing baselines and A/B testing, constantly evolving app layouts can quickly and easily be tested to ensure consistency across different devices simultaneously.

Fast, Easy, Accurate Results

Our range of mobile app testing services works for many different types of testing in the QA process, whether that be functional, integration, usability, or regression testing. Mobot combines automation and human-supervision to  quickly and accurately verify pass and fail cases for many different testing types.

All you need to do is tell us what to test (or import your own test suite from your preferred test case management platform) and grant us access to your staging environment. From there, we’ll handle the rest and deliver a detailed report of the results to you. There’s absolutely no setup or maintenance needed by your team, so you can focus on delivering the best possible product and building new features while we handle your testing. In the fast-paced world of mobile app development, reducing testing time can not only save you time and money, but it can also help free up time for your team to focus on developing your core product. Our mobile app testing services can test a wider range of devices and get results back far quicker than teams that still rely on traditional manual testing.

Mobile Test Cases

Our clients currently use Mobot for a wide variety of testing purposes. Our mobile app testing tools can conduct full end to end testing scenarios, such as creating new accounts and logging in, making eCommerce or in-app purchases, and validating form inputs.

Our range of test cases supported doesn’t stop at testing the app during use in the foreground. We also support a wide variety of environmental variables that you can test your app against when the app is backgrounded. Examples of these include testing app behavior when users receive a phone call interruption, receive a push notification  or lose WiFi connection strength. We can also test app performance, measure how long screens take to load, use actual hardware features like capturing images using the test device’s camera and monitor audio output. Our mechanical robots have a team of human supervisors on hand to ensure and verify that your test suite runs smoothly. Each report is carefully reviewed by our team before being delivered to you within a few hours, ensuring that you get quality feedback every time.