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Mobot 101: Bug Management

Team Mobot
May 1, 2023

In this post, we'll cover some of the frequently asked questions about Mobot's bug and issue management process. If you have a question that isn't specifically covered in this post, please reach out to our team by booking a demo.

How do you handle triaging the issue and distributing it to the right team?

Our logging and dashboard interface will surface all applicable issues in each test report to your team. We will also categorize these issues by severity - either flagging it or failing it. Typically, flagged issues are cosmetic or only slightly impact functionality, whereas a fail has entirely blocked testing, caused the app to crash, severely impacts app functionality, or results in a significant loss of quality from a user experience perspective. 

How does the reporting process work?

The Mobot team reviews, curates, and filters every report that we generate, including commentary and specific call-outs for what occurred (notably in flag or fail situations). These reports help our you triage any potential issues that have been found and direct it to your team(s) accordingly 

If you have integrated your bug tracker with us, our team will aim to have any/all issues linked in your bug tracker so that it's easier for you to then assign these tickets to the right member of your team(s).

Is there a way to integrate testing into project management tools?

Yes! Mobot supports integration with most third party systems including JIRA, GitLab Issues, and more.

How are crashes reported and obtained?

On iOS, we will report all crash logs when possible via AppStore Connect. If you use an APM tool such as Sentry or Crashlytics, the timestamps from Mobot test reports will also line up with any timestamps in your logging platform, allowing you to trace potential crashes. If the crash log is retrievable directly from the test device, Mobot will retrieve that and share it with you on the test report. 

On Android, Mobot can also provide ADB logs directly that clearly state the occurrence of events on the device while the crash was occurring.

Can Mobot create tickets for bugs or integrate with my bug tracker?

With Mobot, you have the option of integrating directly with your bug tracker. We have customers who use JIRA, Shortcut, Linear, and even Notion to integrate Mobot test results into their existing workflows. We have several API integrations available.

As a part of our managed testing service, members of the Mobot team are available to help open tickets, ensure the right information is available for your team, reply to any questions or follow up, requests for retesting, and offer any feedback that you might have on how to make the test scripts better.

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