Testing Support

Does Mobot support external devices (ex: Apple Watch)

Yes, Mobot can handle test plans that include a mobile app and third party device (Apple Watch, Google Fit, etc.). 

What integrations does Mobot support?

Mobot supports integration via Slack, JIRA, and TestRail. We are always adding more, so if your integration of choice is missing, drop us a line and let's talk.

Does Mobot support testing payments with credit cards?

Yes, Mobot can test in-app payments via credit card.

Does Mobot support localized testing or geolocation?

Yes, we can use different geolocations to execute your test plans.

Does Mobot support biometrics testing (touch ID and facial recognition)?

Yes, Mobot’s testing platform can accommodate biometrics testing (touch ID and facial recognition) using strategic human intervention.

Does Mobot support testing 2-factor authentication?

Yes, Mobot can test 2-factor authentication within test plans including SMS, app generated codes, and QR codes.

What is the maximum duration for a test?

Mobot can support multi-hour testing cycles.

Can we test two different apps interacting with each other?

Yes! Mobot is one of the only solutions that can handle multi-device interactions (messaging, push notifications, etc), as we can place multiple physical devices side by side for the robot to test.

Can you handle performance testing?

Mobot can handle some performance testing, including battery usage, but is not meant for stress testing.

Does Mobot support videos of test results?

We do not currently support video recordings of tests. 

Does Mobot support multi-touch?

We do not currently support multi-touch testing, but this feature is on our roadmap. 

Does Mobot support accessibility testing?

Yes, Mobot can support a variety of different accessibility settings that need to be changed on the device, including dark mode, light mode, landscape to portrait orientation, and text size changes.

Do I pick what devices I want to test on?

Yes. You can work with your CSM to select which devices and operating systems you want to use for each test. You may increase or change these device/OS configurations over time as needed.

Who programs the robots to execute the test?

The Mobot team will convert your test plan into an automated robot test using our internal platform. 

How will I communicate with my dedicated CSM?

The most common communication method is a shared Slack channel, but you can choose whatever is most convenient for you.

How is test data captured?

As the robots execute each test plan, a screenshot and detailed information is captured. This information is reviewed by your CSM, notes are added where needed, and the information is published to the Mobot platform and chosen integrations.

What devices can we test on?

Mobot has over 200 iOS and Android devices available for testing. Speak with your CSM for a full list of the devices and to choose the right device(s) for your tests.

What happens if the robot gets stuck?

A Mobot team member will intervene, diagnose, and resolve the issue so testing can resume.

What is an action?

An action is a tap or swipe on the physical device.

What security and privacy measures are in place?

Apps are installed via standard distribution channels on test devices connecting to customer APIs via secured internal Mobot networks.  Reports and artifacts, like app screenshots, are secured end-to-end. 


What does Mobot cost?

Mobot's plans are based on test actions, which are a robot tap, swipe, or drag on the physical device. Contact Sales for more information.

Are contracts month to month or annual?

Mobot's standard agreement is annual, but we also offer shorter commitments for those who need flexible terms.

How is pricing structured?

Each plan includes a predefined number of test actions which can be used throughout the month to execute test plans. An action is a tap or swipe on a physical device.