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Free yourself from manual testing

Fully-managed mobile testing for tough use cases
5x faster vs manual testing
Get a root cause report within 24 hours
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What We Test

Mobot tests and validates difficult app tests with real, mechanical robots

Google Account Authentication

Deep linking

Apple Watch & Bluetooth

In-app purchases


Push Notifications


2-factor authentication


Photo upload/download

Multi-device messaging

QR Code Scanning

How it works

Mobot is a fully-managed mobile QA solution for tough tests that can't be automated with emulators or simulators

How It Works



Provide your test cases via TestRail or video recording and choose devices



We program the robots using our no-code builder



Robots execute each test, supervised by humans



Reports are delivered to you and integrated into your pipeline/process



Fix bugs and release with confidence


Engineering Optimization

"I've never seen an emulator get something 100% correct. When it comes to mobile it is not the same. Nothing can beat a physical device. Feels like magic to our team.

Mobot eliminates the smoke test. We can test in a day whereas a QA team would normally take multiple days."

Louis Johnson, Citizen

QA Optimization

"Mobot helped MySwimPro to reduce our Change Failure Rate by 65% - going from 34% to 12%.

With less time spent on triaging and reacting to Production defects, we spend more time proactively delivering new features for our members."

Nick Newell, MySwimPro

Reputation Boost

“Within 3 months of working with Mobot, Sandboxx’s App Store rating increased from 4.2 to 4.8.

Can’t say enough about how much better I feel with each release now that Mobot is part of the pipeline. Our stability rating for iOS is now at 99.9%”

Swamy Ramaswamy, Sandboxx

Mobot Managed Pricing

Simple, straightforward pricing with flexibility for teams large and small.

Mobot's fully managed, QA-as-a-service solution uses consumption based pricing that's not only easy to understand but also seamlessly integrates with your current workflows.

Mobot Managed

Best for engineering teams
Fully managed, QA-as-a-service using real, mechanical robots
Full-time test suite maintenance
Access to 300+ iOS + Android devices
Test case reporting w/screenshots
Premium customer support
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$0.50 per credit
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Robot-powered testing drives results

We've helped leading development teams around the world to improve their testing processes

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Mobot is amazing! Great partner to make sure we don’t have any surprises when we release new versions of our SDK! This has been a huge game changer for our mobile team and has saved us and our customers a ton of time and headache.

Lewis Chung
Engineering Manager at Persona
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Can’t say enough about how much better I feel with each release now that Mobot is part of the pipeline. Our stability rating for iOS is now at 100%!!!

Swamy R
CTO/COO of Sandboxx