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Automate tough mobile tests & achieve 100% testing coverage

Don't let unautomatable tests slow your release cycles. Mobot is the ONLY solution for fully automated end-to-end testing and monitoring of critical mobile flows that go untouched by emulators & simulators

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Speed up release & regression testing

Free up time for automation scripting

Prevent engineers from doing manual QA

Keep releases and sprints on schedule

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Mobot Live

A groundbreaking new robot-powered mobile testing product where you take control of the robots and execute your testing in real-time via web browser

Built Specifically for Engineering & QA Teams

Mobot tests and validates mission critical mobile tests using real, mechanical robots powered by Al

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Connected Devices

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Homescreen Widgets

Multi-Device Interactions

Google Account Authentication

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Why Mobot is the ONLY Complete Testing Solution for Mobile Apps

Other solutions can't handle all of the testing scenarios needed for complete coverage across the myriad of device options, and can't perform tests like real humans. But, Mobot can.

No Code Featuer

No-code, fast setup to save you time

No more coding test cases, or having to update your code when the app updates. With Mobot, setting up a test case is as simple as recording a video on your phone. And the Mobot team handles all maintenance.
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Real Mechanical Robots Testing

Real mechanical robots testing for ultimate accuracy & consistency

Mobot's fleet of mechanical robots use computer vision to execute your test cases, consistently every time.
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On 200+ mobile devices

On 200+ physical devices like a human would

Your users aren’t on emulators or virtual devices. With Mobot, test your native and cross-platform mobile apps the way they will be used in the real world - on real iOS/Android devices. Tap, swipe, rotate.
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Automating Tests no Other Can

Automating tests that no other solution can

Mobot helps you eliminate tedious, manual testing. Tricky, complicated tests like multi-device messaging, deep linking, push notifications, bluetooth connections to peripheral devices, and many more.
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Checked by humans to eliminate noise

Checked by humans to eliminate noise

Every Mobot customer is paired with an expert Customer Success Manager who understands your app, your test plans, and can distinguish between a real bug and a slight design change.
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Integrate into your business processes

Integrated into your release management process

We’re here to make your life easier. Choose from a list of popular integrations including Slack, JIRA, and more.
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No Code fast Set Up
Real Mechanical Robots Testing
On 200+ mobile devices
Automating Tests no Other Can
Checked by humans to eliminate noise
Integrate into your business processes

Why Do Mobile Teams Choose Mobot?


Over 200 Android & iOS real devices for testing.


Test Efficiency
Mobot does the work in 1 day that would take a human 5 days to complete


Test Coverage
Our robots succeed where all others fail