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Control real robots, execute mobile test cases on 300+ physical devices, and re-run tests with AI.

Control real, mechanical robots from a web browser
Execute mobile test cases on 300+ physical devices
Re-run tests with bug detection via AI
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300+ iOS and Android devices

Get instant access to 300+ iOS and Android devices for physical testing from anywhere in the world

Test complex flows with ease

SMS, 2FA, KYC, email, deep linking, push notifications, and so much more.

Save hours of testing

Save hours of testing with Mobot Live's cohesive end-to-end experience. Test, update, report, re-run, and share all from one digital platform.

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The Mobot Live Difference

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Completely Self-Service

You're in full control of the robot. You can execute simple tests (such as basic checkout functionality) as well as complex test cases that include deep links, push notifications, and more. Our support team is standing by for any questions you may have.

Access 300+ Devices, from Anywhere

We've got it all. From the latest iOS and Android devices, to older phones and tablets, you'll be able to access any device that is pertinent to your customer base. If you're looking for a device that we don't currently have, let us know and we'll procure it for you!

Automatic Logging During Testing

"Offline" manual testing doesn't cut it. In Mobot Live, every tap and every screenshot is automatically logged, allowing you to focus on the actual test steps (and not on documentation).

Re-Run Tests

Test, and re-test with ease. Once you've created your test case, you can re-run the test with a robot whenever you'd like. Your original test screenshots will serve as a baseline, and the robot will auto-flag any test results that are inconsistent with the expected result based on the screenshot.

Recent Success Story

Citizen Gets 5-Star Rating & Eliminates 1,000s of Manual Testing Hours

"I've never seen an emulator get something 100% correct. When it comes to mobile it is not the same. Nothing can beat a physical device. Feels like magic to our team”

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