Automated Mobile QA on Physical Devices

Mobot is your external mobile QA team powered by human-supervised, mechanical robots.

Mechanical Robots Testing Physical
Phones and Tablets

Real Devices

Physically test your native and cross-platform mobile and mobile web apps the way they will be used on real iOS/Android devices

Real Confidence

Mobot's end-to-end platform takes care of everything - no setup or maintenance is required by your team

Real Robots

Test every feature that matters - end to end, including push notifications, Bluetooth, camera and more

Real Results

Results available on the same or next day after the build is ready for testing

Our Process

Mobot's mobile and mobile web testing solution is simple:


Provision access via your preferred distribution platform (TestFlight, Google Play Beta, App Center, Firebase, etc.)
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Our Customer Success team partners with you to scope out your QA strategy and test cases. As a part of our onboarding process, Mobot configures your test scripts on our robots and software platform.
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When a new build is ready for testing, a test run can be triggered with Mobot. Every test run on a robot is carefully supervised by our expert QA Analysts, and test reports are reviewed by our Customer Success team. Mobot's test scripts will evolve alongside your app, even when UI elements are shifted or A/B tested.
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The pre-reviewed test report is delivered to your team via Slack or email digest. Bugs can be automatically ticketed into your bug tracker (Jira, Clubhouse, etc.).
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Some of our

Can’t say enough about how much better I feel with each release now that Mobot is part of the pipeline. Our stability rating for iOS is now at 100%!!!

Hino Banzon

iOS/Android Architect at Sandboxx

We have completely integrated Mobot into our CI/CD process and I feel much more comfortable with our automated releases. Mobot has consistently helped us catch issues on edge case devices and has totally replaced our internal device farm.

Matt Powers


Ship to the App Store and Google Play with confidence

Increase your mobile device and test case coverage with Mobot.

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