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Don't let technical glitches steal your campaign spotlight. Mobot is the ONLY solution for fully automated end to end testing & monitoring of critical mobile flows that go untouched by engineering & QA teams.

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Stop revenue leaks from undetected bugs

Save time by automating manual testing

Eliminate mobile campaign risk

Improve campaign performance throughout the lifecycle

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Mobot tests and validates mission critical marketing use cases using real,mechanical robots powered by AI

Deep Links

Paid Media Campaigns

User Referrals

QR Code Scanning

Push Notifications



In-App Purchases

Mobile Web To In-App

New User Registration

Discount Codes

Checkout Flows

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How Mobot Helps you Protect Revenue Through the User Journey

Deep link validation

Avoid Deep Link Misfires

Up to 31% of deep links are unsuccessful. Deep link validation helps ensure the success and conversion rate of your ad campaigns.

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new user flow testing

Confirm Seamless Account Creation

New accounts and users are mission-critical to your bottom line. Get the flow tested BEFORE you launch campaigns to optimize the signup conversion rate.

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Push notification verification

Prevent Push Notification Blunders

Test and verify push notifications, a direct line of communication to your users and mission critical for engagement.

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Checkout flow monitoring

Eliminate Checkout Failure

The checkout process is the pivotal moment where interest translates into revenue. Make sure checkout flows across different devices and scenarios are smooth and user-friendly.

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share link testing

Prevent Sharing & Referral Mishaps

Sharing and referral links act as bridges to bring in potential users and grow your app's audience. Ensure these links work flawlessly across different platforms and conditions.

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Why Do Mobile Teams Choose Mobot?



Over 200 Android & iOS real devices for testing.
Test Efficiency


Mobot does the work in 1 day that would take a human 5 days to complete
Test Coverage


Our robots succeed where all others fail