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Mobot 101: Pilot, Onboarding, and Customer Success

Team Mobot
May 18, 2023

In this post, we'll cover some of the frequently asked questions about Mobot's pilot, onboarding, and customer success process. If you have a question that isn't specifically covered in this post, please reach out to our team by booking a demo.

What's your typical onboard time?

Our typical onboarding time for a standard Mobot pilot is usually around one to two weeks. This includes collecting data, making sure we have the correct iOS and Android distributed builds, obtaining test cases from you (which can include video recordings or exports), and hosting a kickoff onboarding call. During this time, we also set up and prepare the test cases for run, which might involve you providing us with account scripts, command line scripts, or other necessary tooling. You can expect regular communication with us during this period, with sample reports beginning to stream in as we get things set up.

What do we have to give your team to build out baselines?

To build out baselines, we typically need either video recordings of the tests or detailed, step-by-step written instructions for the test cases. Video recordings are our preferred method, as they provide a high-density, high-fidelity method of communication, showing us the sequence of the test steps, where taps occur, and the expected outcome and flow. However, we understand that many teams already have written out step-by-step instructions, and we can work with those as well.

When does the pilot clock start?

The pilot clock starts after we have received all necessary information from you, typically on the same day as the kickoff call for pilot onboarding.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Regarding the onboarding process, you would first fill out a form with details such as how we access the build, what we'll be testing, how frequently testing will occur, which devices you want tested, and who your main point of contact is. After this, we host an onboarding call to discuss these details and ensure we're all on the same page.

Do we get a video feed to see how the test actually ran?

While we don't offer a live video feed of the test by default, we do provide a detailed report that essentially functions as a flattened video, allowing you to scroll through screenshots from every frame to follow what the robot did during testing. Videos are available upon request and are also provided as part of the sales process to help your team understand how Mobot works.

Is there a limit to how long we can run the pilot?

Our standard pilot duration is 30 days or one month. If there are specific requirements or timelines you need to work around, we can discuss different approaches that work best for you.

Can logs be accessed for JIRA tickets?

Yes, logs can be accessed for JIRA tickets. Every JIRA ticket that is automatically opened by Mobot includes a link to the test report, and logs are available within this report.

What does the back and forth look like during testing?

During testing, progress updates are sent to Slack and test reports become available in our web reporting platform. If a blocker occurs, we'll reach out to you for feedback on how to proceed. After testing, we encourage back-and-forth communication to ensure that the next set of test results is prepared, tests are updated as needed, and any new features or additional devices are included in the scope of coverage.

Is there customer support or service available?

Yes, every Mobot engagement comes with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This person will work with you to answer questions and assist you, whether it's in Slack, on calls, or through our ticketing platform. They will be your primary point of contact for any issues or concerns during the engagement, ensuring that you receive the best possible service.

Can crash logs or device logs be obtained?

Yes, both crash logs and device logs can be obtained. ADB device logs are available by default and crash logs can be obtained upon request if we're able to retrieve them directly from the device. Similarly, iOS device console logs are also available upon request.

What should we look out for during the testing process?

During the testing process, you should keep an eye on the test results that are coming through. If there is anything that seems out of the ordinary, reach out to us at Mobot so we can make adjustments. This process usually happens on the day of testing, once we have confirmed which builds should be tested.

Do we get videos of the robots doing their thing so we can show the rest of the team?

Yes, video footage of the robots in action is available upon request. This can be useful for demonstrating to your team how Mobot's automated testing process works.

Do you have integration with Confluence?

Yes, we integrate with Jira, which is an Atlassian product like Confluence. If you have test cases that are written in Confluence, Mobot can ingest those. A member of our full-service team will review them before we set up the test cases.

How can we reach customer support?

You can reach Mobot's customer support via our ticketing platform, email, or Slack.

Do you have a weekly meeting schedule?

Yes, as part of the pilot process, we will meet with your team weekly to get feedback and ensure that the pilot is on track. After the pilot period, the meeting cadence may change depending on the scope of the engagement and your company's needs.

How do you handle releasing new features?

When a new test case needs to be added in Mobot due to a new product feature, we recommend that your team tests it first as part of User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This allows you to record a new video of the test case during the first UAT cycle. In the second and subsequent test cycles, Mobot uses that video recording to set up the test case and include it in our normal testing process.

How does the team handle QA for new releases?

This would be handled in the same way as the addition of new features. Your team would conduct the initial UAT, and then Mobot would take over in the subsequent test cycles.

How do we communicate with you to start the pilot process?

To start the pilot process, you can reach out to us via email, our ticketing platform, or Slack.

How many actions is the pilot limited to?

Mobot provides our base tier of 2,500 actions per month for the 30-day pilot period. If you're interested in a larger scope for the pilot, please reach out to your sales representative.

Does it support pins to Zoom and other interactions?

Yes, Mobot can handle test cases that involve interactions with other apps on the device, such as Zoom, Facebook, Messages, SMS, Email providers, Apple Health, Apple Pay Wallet, the Phone app, FaceTime, and others. Essentially, if you need us to automate interactions between your app and other apps on the device, we can support that.

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