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Mobot 101: Pricing and Test Actions

Team Mobot
April 26, 2023

In this post, we'll cover some of the frequently asked questions about Mobot's pricing. If you have a question that isn't specifically covered in this post, please reach out to our team by booking a demo.


How does pricing work?

Mobot prices based on test actions, which is a tap, swipe, or drag by the mechanical robot during testing. You have a certain amount of Reserve Test Actions each month that can be used for testing.

Does daily testing affect pricing?

Only if it increases the number of test actions you use during a month. Aside from usage, simply testing more frequently does not impact pricing.

What is included in the device coverage for each pricing package?

You choose which test plans, cases, devices, and operating systems you want to include in your test suite. Mobot has over 300 physical devices for you to choose from, and can assist with recommendations for device coverage.

Is it a per test basis or a monthly fee?

Mobot is a monthly subscription that includes a specific number of Reserve Test Actions, access to our fleet of mechanical robots, and our Mobot Automators.

Is there a minimum commitment or is it rolling?

The first step is a free, 30-day pilot where you can experience the full value of Mobot. Following that pilot, there is a minimum three month commitment.

What would the pricing look like for a certain number of apps?

We need to understand your project to estimate pricing and the number of test actions needed for your apps. Please contact us and one of our testing specialists will be happy to assist you.

How exactly is the test action calculated?

A test action is one step in a test case, and equal to one swipe, drag, or tap by the mechanical robot. The exception to this is when filling out a form, spelling a first name to complete the form field is not multiple actions - it is counted as one action.

How do you price for different complexities of flows?

Test cases that require advanced features (biometrics, bluetooth connections, third party devices, etc.) have a 2x multiplier effect on test actions.


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