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Mobot 101: Testing Process & Devices

Team Mobot
May 1, 2023

In this post, we'll cover some of the frequently asked questions about Mobot's testing process  If you have a question that isn't specifically covered in this post, please reach out to our team by booking a demo.

How does the process work at a high-level?

We handle all testing, find bugs, and deliver you actionable reports so you can fix them fast. It's a full-service experience!

Here's a breakdown of how we work:

  • You choose which tests to run, which devices, operation systems, and the frequency of testing.
  • The Mobot team programs the mechanical robots to automate each of your tests
  • During testing, a member of the Mobot team oversees the mechanical robots to ensure smooth delivery
  • When testing is complete, test reports are reviewed by the Mobot team for accuracy, to eliminate noise, and add clarifications where needed
  • Test reports are published to the Mobot portal, to a shared Slack/Teams channel. Bug reports can also be posted into third party software of your choice (ex: JIRA, GitLab, etc)

Is there a way to integrate testing into project management tools?

Yes! Mobot supports integration with most third party systems including JIRA, GitLab Issues, and more.

How are tests created and who creates them?

For test case definition, there are two options:

  1. Your team creates the tests you’d like to run with Mobot and deliver them to us via video, spreadsheet, or other format.
  2. Our team of QA specialists can create the test cases based on your direction and app features

Once we have the test cases defined, our team of Mobot operators will use Mobot’s proprietary software to program the robots to execute each test case using XY coordinates and computer vision.

How often do customers run these tests?

Mobot testing can be run on any frequency that best suits your SDLC. It often depends on your development process, release cadence, and the environment in which you’ll be testing.

  • We have many customers who will run their full regression suite once per week prior to an app store release.  
  • We have customers who run tests daily across test cases that are critical to their business.

How does a customer provide a test plan?

You can provide test plans and test cases to Mobot in a variety of ways:

  1. Use the simple form in the Mobot app to submit a new test request. It’s as easy as recording a video of the test on your phone and choosing the device/OS you wish the test to be run on.
  2. If you use an existing test case management software, you can export the list of test cases you wish Mobot to run.
  3. If you have test cases documented in a spreadsheet, you can share that with our team.

Do you test on Android and iOS?

Yes, Mobot supports testing on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and Android tablets. We support a variety of old and new iOS and Android devices, small and large, including phones and tablets.

How do I choose which device to run tests on?

Mobot generally recommends selecting testing devices that balance your audience and end-user demographics with the mobile market distribution. We suggest testing on the latest 2 versions of iOS and 2 or 3 Android manufacturers most frequently used for downloading your particular app.

It’s also important to consider the prevalence of mobile tablet usage for your particular product. You may want to think about whether you want to test in both portrait and landscape mode on those devices as well, all of which is possible with Mobot.

Can I customize groups of tests to run at different schedules?

Yes, with Mobot, you can customize groups of tests to run at different schedules. For example, you can run a smaller group of tests for a nightly build on your development branch that needs to be run with a smaller group of tests just to make sure that nothing is broken (a quick smoke test).

You can also set a larger group of tests to run when you have the end of a sprint cycle and you’d like to run the full gamut of all regression test cases for your iOS and Android apps. This might come from a release candidate that has been cut, Mobot will run all of those tests in a single day, and then you’ll have all the test reports for the full suite (as well as the smaller suite that is run daily.)

Are all devices available for testing or only specific ones?

Mobot has an inventory of over 300 devices available for testing. We select our device inventory based on factors such as older devices, diversity across different Android and tablet manufacturers, and screen sizes.

As part of our pilot & onboarding process, we recommend that your team review analytics to identify the most popular devices within your user base that you’d like to use for mobile regression testing.

We also support various Android manufacturers (Samsung, Pixel, Motorola, Huawei, etc), different types of tablets including POS systems, and iOS devices running iOS 14 to iOS 16.

Can the platform handle changes in orientation or font size during testing?

Yes, Mobot can support a variety of different accessibility settings that need to be changed on the device, including dark mode, light mode, landscape to portrait orientation, and text size changes.

Can this kind of technology support web-based interfaces?

Mobot is able to automate testing on mobile web apps as well, running tests according to specifications like portrait or landscape orientation on phones or tablets. They are complementary to existing web testing automation tools, and customers often use traditional web testing tools in addition to Mobot for sanity checks on the mobile web experience.

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