New iOS/Android Changes are Coming: Are You Ready?

Team Mobot
April 5, 2023

The time is almost upon us.

That’s right - I’m talking about the big iOS/Android players making their new device and software announcements. Apple is unveiling iOS 15 on June 7 at the next WWDC, with a public release to follow shortly. The second Android 12 Developer Preview is already out.

Some teams might say, “We still have time - we’ll worry about this later,” but in the world of mobile #app development, those rollouts need to be carefully planned.

A few months before the public launch, Apple and Google share betas of the new operating systems with developers for testing. A solid engineering team knows to plan ahead and test compatibility of their app with the new platform, so they don’t get stuck playing catch up once a device hits the streets.

Certain UI elements may render differently on the new software, hardware changes may impact the app’s performance, and there may be updates to features (like home screen widgets) that could alter your product roadmap and business strategy.

Pivoting aspects of your business to respond to an announcement made by some other company you don't control is a huge undertaking. If you see a frazzled engineer or PM muttering about devices, send them a little love.

They’re fighting the good fight for the mobile apps of the future!

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