The Human Element of QA Automation

Team Mobot
April 5, 2023

Pop culture and media often portray robots and automation processes as hyper-advanced, sentient solutions.

It can be counterintuitive to remember that the journey towards 100% automation often requires human guidance and feedback, likely over many years/decades.

Mobile QA is no different.

For many engineering and product teams building out their testing strategy, aiming for 100% QA automation all the time is challenging because mobile apps are constantly evolving. There are API changes, variations in user account types, A/B tests in the UI, and other evolutions that could alter the course of a regression test.

At Mobot, we believe the most successful mobile QA solution combines robots doing the easy steps with our expert QA Analysts overseeing the process and providing rapid feedback. Changes are then incorporated into subsequent regression test cycles so that Mobot’s test scripts evolve alongside our customers’ products.

Let’s quit treating innovation like a binary and recognize the value that comes from combining the efficiency of technology with the insight of a human.

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