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The QA Horizon

Team Mobot
April 5, 2023

Mobile engineers have product testing on their minds most days, but what about the rest of us?

Take a look around at all the products you see in your world with software running on them, and you’ll start to see the broader impact of QA.

Laptops, smart TVs, thermostats, fitness wearables, headphones, printers, credit card terminals – the list goes on. During product development, the hardware, software and firmware of a product may be independently iterated on by their respective teams. Every time the software changes, it’s vital for the others to test their part’s integration with the whole.

Now imagine how many times each component needs to be tested and retested weekly, if not daily. The hours of testing start adding up.

Products must be rigorously vetted before going to market, and mobile is only a tiny slice of that round-up.

In our modern world that enables software engineers to ship code supporting another company’s proprietary hardware, Mobot specializes in physical testing of software because the world around us deems it necessary.

While we started our journey with iOS and Android products, we know it’s just the start, and we can’t wait to bring the power of automated testing to products of all form factors.

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