What Mobile QA and Self Driving Cars have in Common

Team Mobot
April 5, 2023

The Mobot team has noticed significant parallels between our journey to automate software testing on physical hardware and the adventure that other teams are on to build self-driving cars.

For a long time, automobiles required a human driver – every lane change, traffic light, or judgment call. That degree of human supervision is akin to manual QA –  someone physically tapping a phone by hand.

Recently, slightly autonomous cars have hit the highway with the ability to warn drivers of obstacles. Even today, a vehicle cannot autonomously navigate unmapped potholes, unpredictable pedestrians, and the uncertainty of yield signs.

In 2021, you need a human to take the wheel for unexpected scenarios, but the car can handle the easy stuff.

That’s how we see mobile QA at Mobot. In most regression testing scenarios, the UI is basically the same from release to release, and a robot can execute vast swatches of the work. When the unexpected happens, a human steps in to efficiently perform the correct action instead and documents for subsequent test cycles.

Mobot embraces leveraging human skill and creativity on our automation adventure. Our unique approach of mechanical robots with human intervention enables us to deliver higher quality testing to our customers.

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