How a Top 10 Social Network Bolstered User Activations with Deep Link Monitoring

With over 300 million monthly active users, our customer ranks as a premier, global social networking platform. Founded on the principle of fostering connections and community engagement, the company offers a robust platform for users to exchange ideas, experiences, and opportunities. Distinguished from conventional social networks by its unique approach to content and interaction, it provides exceptional services through its native iOS and Android applications. With a dedicated team of over 10,000 employees and substantial capital backing, this organization is well-equipped to innovate and lead in connecting people across the globe.
Social Networking
300M+ MAU (monthly active users)

For mobile apps, the benchmark for success is a user experience that feels effortless. Our customer, a global social networking platform with millions of users globally, faced the challenge of validating and optimizing deep link effectiveness – particularly linking across multiple channels. The solution? Mobot Insights, a cutting-edge deep link monitoring tool designed to address this intricate challenge.

The Problem:

Traditional engineering and QA methods often fall short in validating complex user journeys and addressing challenges related to deep linking. This ultimately leads to broken user experiences and critical issues that can be near impossible for track, resulting in user churn and wasted spend.

Our customer knew from intermittent user reports that there was an issue with mobile deep linking. But, without a monitoring system in place, they had no way to know how pervasive the problem was. In addition, a reported issue without evidence or documentation was incredibly difficult to track down for their engineering and product teams. Without evidence, their teams were on a wild goose chase. 

Our customer seeked a solution that enabled them to drive app usage and activations by validating, monitoring, and addressing deep link issues.

The Solution:

Enter Mobot Insights – a monitoring solution that utilizes AI-powered mechanical robots to replicate real user engagement on mobile devices. To tackle these challenges head-on, the Mobot solutions team began by collaborating closely with our client to develop a strategic testing plan. This plan was meticulously crafted, taking into account an in-depth understanding of the market, a thorough analysis of the customer's data, their specific goals, and leveraging Mobot's extensive experience with deep link monitoring.

Through this collaborative effort, the client now has full documentation and evidence to provide to their product and engineering teams, leading to quick resolution of any deep link issues and a  significant increase in app usage and activations. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Continuous Monitoring & Alerts: Mobot proactively identifies and alerts our customer of broken links in real-time, minimizing disruptions
  • Documented Tests: Before and after visuals of each test give provided documentation of test cases and any potential breaks
  • Detailed Reports: Through Mobot’s platform, comprehensive reports on deep link performance across campaigns, channels, sources, and devices provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Issues are prioritized according to business impact, allowing the customer to assign resources as needed

Additionally, the Mobot team helped our customer expedite the identification of broken deep links with quick feedback loops via multiple communication channels, including:

  • Weekly test reports
  • Shared Slack channel with Mobot’s operational team for fast collaboration
  • Bi-weekly working session team calls
  • Quarterly benchmark report for deep link performance across top channels and industry comparison 

Competitor Benchmark Report:

Our customer also opted for Mobot’s competitive benchmarking product to gain unique insights, data, and guide decision making. These comprehensive reports are a cornerstone of continuous improvement, offering an in-depth analysis of deep link performance across key apps, devices, and top mobile channels. By analyzing these results alongside those of their industry counterparts, our customer not only gains critical insights into where they stand, but they also uncover areas for enhancement so that their mobile user experience keeps getting better as their audience grows.


Results and Impact:

With Mobot Insights, our customer experienced a substantial improvement in the overall performance and reliability of their deep links across all channels. Broken user experiences were proactively identified and swiftly resolved, leading to enhanced user satisfaction and campaign success. 

Over the course of just 4 months, Mobot discovered over 600 links with abnormalities, providing full documentation of each P0 and P1 issue with screenshots linked to each action. This allowed our customer to easily prioritize issues critical in nature that were impacting user engagement and revenue growth.

Highlights of the partnership:

  • 29 unique channels tested weekly (including Google, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp)
  • Over 1,900 unique links tested to date
  • 600+ deep link abnormalities identified and resolved 
  • Quarterly benchmark report delivered to the customer to showcase competitor and channel comparisons
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Mobot is amazing! Great partner to make sure we don’t have any surprises when we release new versions of our SDK! This has been a huge game changer for our mobile team and has saved us and our customers a ton of time and headache.

Lewis Chung
Engineering Manager at Persona
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Can’t say enough about how much better I feel with each release now that Mobot is part of the pipeline. Our stability rating for iOS is now at 100%!!!

Swamy R
CTO/COO of Sandboxx
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