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Self Serve Upload

Self-Serve Test Upload

Add a new test case in minutes, not hours, and with no coding required. With Mobot you can upload a video of your test case, choose the specific devices and OS versions, and provide any testing instructions for your CSM.
Side by Side Test Reporting

Side-by-Side Test Reporting

As the robot executes your test plan, screenshots are captured at each step. Easily view baseline vs. actual screenshots with test report details within the Mobot platform.
Human Verified Test Results Illustration

Human-Verified Test Results

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will carefully review all test results, flag tests for discussion where needed, and add notes to failed tests so you can easily triage.
Real Robots Touching Illustration

Real robots touching, tapping, swiping real screens

With access to 200+ physical devices, our fleet of robots will execute test cases like your users experience in the real-world. No virtual devices or emulators - real touching, tapping, swiping, rotating, and connecting.
Bluetooth Device Testing Illustration

Bluetooth Device Testing

Need to test app syncing between an Apple Watch or other third party device? Need to test bluetooth connections to headphones or other devices? Our robots can test with ease.
Biometrics Testing Illustration

Computer Vision + AI

Mobot's proprietary platform uses a a powerful combination of computer vision and AI to ensure our robots execute your tests with precision and consistency.
Self Serve Upload Illustration
Side by Side Test Reporting
Human Verified Test Results Illustration
Real Robots Touching Illustration
Bluetooth Device Testing Illustration
Biometrics Testing

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We've helped leading development teams around the world to improve their testing processes

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Can’t say enough about how much better I feel with each release now that Mobot is part of the pipeline. Our stability rating for iOS is now at 100%!!!

Swamy R
CTO/COO of Sandboxx
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Mobot is amazing! Great partner to make sure we don’t have any surprises when we release new versions of our SDK! This has been a huge game changer for our mobile team and has saved us and our customers a ton of time and headache.

Lewis Chung
Engineering Manager at Persona
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MySwimPro members rely on us to reach their fitness goals, and we rely on Mobot to make that happen. When a swimmer is at peak performance in the final Sprint set of a 2000-meter workout, they expect the MySwimPro Coach on their Apple Watch to be at peak performance as well. To help us ensure that, the team at Mobot rolled up their sleeves and created some innovative robotic technology that had never been used for wearable QA before. They're pushing the boundaries of Mobile QA so that our members can push their fitness boundaries.

Nick Newell
VP of Engineering at MySwimPro

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Citizen Gets 5-Star Rating & Eliminates 1,000s of Manual Testing Hours

"I've never seen an emulator get something 100% correct. When it comes to mobile it is not the same. Nothing can beat a physical device. Feels like magic to our team”

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